Running for Women

Below are a list of resources about running during the menstrual cycle or during menopause.

Coaching Masters Athletes (edited by Callary, B.,Bradley, W., Rathwell, Y and Rathwell, S. (2021). Routledge: London. Chapter 4 is ‘Age Related Physiological Changes in Masters Athletes and Coaching Considerations. The impact of the menstrual cycle phase on athletes’ performance’ (see file below)
Women’s Running – How to master your menstrual cycle – Women’s Running (
Journal article (full text available free online) – The effect of the menstrual cycle on running economy. Goldsmith, E. and Glaister, M. (2020). The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness. Radcliffe, P. (2011).
How to Win. Simon & Shuster: Great Britain. There is a chapter ‘Focus on Women’ that includes reference to the menopause.
Menopause and Running – Dr Louise Newson
Physiology-and-considerations-for-female-athletes.pdf – (see file below)

Podcast: Menopause and exercise – link Podcast: Menopause and exercise – Women In Sport

Please note that we accept no liability for the guidance given in these articles. These are provided for our runners to help make informed choices about managing their running during these times.