Cotswold Way Relay

Cotswold Way Relay – 2024 date TBC

The Cotswold Way Relay is a 10 stage relay race covering all 103 miles of the Cotswold Way from Chipping Campden to Bath Abbey. This is event is organised by Team Bath and has a limit of 100 teams. The event is not marked, therefore a recce of the route is required beforehand.

For details of stages, previous results and routes, visit Cotswold Way Relay website 

Our Kings and Queens of the Cotswolds – AllRunners who have completed all 10 legs are:

Liz Richards
Gavin Townsend
Angie Ayling
Nikki Fowles
Mary Holba
John Rooney

Current list of previous participants and stages completed can be found below. This will be updated after the next relay has been completed.

Aimee Lax58
Alex Kane8
Anne-Marie Delrosa13678
Bea Brandish13568910
Charles Gay6
Chris Walkley4
Claire Kane8
Claire McKinley-Price258910
Claire Young3
Daniel Rollings9
Dani Sharpe2
David Michael10
David Robb38
Debs Roebuck5
Emma Wright3569
Gay Lombard4
Hannah Jones6
Heather Juniper123456789
Helga Taylor9
Himani Gupta10
Jake Creed5789
Jamie Osborne123459
Jennie Marshall13459
Jenny Vallely23
Jo Creed12458910
Jo Mathieson3
Jon Batterham67
Jon King5
Jon Rhodes7
Jon White458
Julia Wade910
Julia Ruggles369
Kate Perris12345678
Keith Waters1234578
Lisa Christen2
Liz Halliwell248
Lorna Adamson1479
Lucy King24710
Lucy Sherley-Dale4
Lucy Trowse367
Magnus Taylor1
Marcia Thompson
Max Luff2
Matt Gardiner110
Matt Reed45
Melanie Niven2379
Michelle Earl57
Mick Playle3510
Mike Adamson289
Muir Mathieson1
Paul Davis10
Reg Cobb10
Richard Cook2
Rose Niland1245678910
Sarah Edwards456710
Sophie Berry3810
Simon Calladine14578910
Simon Gingell12358910
Sue Lear1237
Tara Lupton310
Tom Simpson6910
Trudy Chudleigh1234910
Val Kirby7

Club Record Holders

This is a list of our club’s records on the relay, not necessarily the overall leg record. We’ve checked back over previous results, but if anyone spots on any errors, then please let us know.

Leg 1
Steve Millward (2010) 1:18:41
Sarah Mason  (2010) 1:53:30

Leg 2
Richard Cook (2019) 1:53.28
Becky Earl-Howells (2012) 1:57.13

Leg 3
Oliver Starkey (2014) 57:43
Nikki Coates (2015) 1:19.26

Leg 4
Oliver Starkey (2012) 1:32:40
Luck King (2015) 1:59:59

Leg 5
Martin Low (2017) 1:26:54
Nikki Coates (2014)1:46:31

Leg 6
Stephen Brydon (2012) 1:06:55
Kat Hveger (2012) 1:22:46

Leg 7
Gavin Kerr (2012) 58:48
Lucy King (2014) 1:07:04

Leg 8
Oliver Starkey (2013) 1:28:19
Nikki Coates (2011) 1:50:19

Leg 9
Simon Gingell (2021) 1:08:57
Nikki Fowles (2015) 1:27:17