Allrunners January Virtual Challenges

To get us all motivated, recover from any Christmas / New Year excess, and to try and keep us upbeat through Tier 4, we have some virtual challenges. Jennie Marshall has also confirmed there will be prizes, though we are debating what those will be…..

You can choose to enter one, two or all three challenges. Challenges 1 and 2 will have prizes for everyone who has achieved their goal. Challenge 3 will just give you an enormous sense of wellbeing!

Challenge 1

Choose your mileage – we don’t mind where or when you run – trail, road, uphill, flat, the choice is yours. You can choose to run:

  • 50 miles
  • 75 miles
  • 100 miles
  • 150 miles or
  • 200 miles

And the good news about January, is that there are FIVE weekends!

Challenge 2

Choose your elevation. We’re Allrunners, we love to run up hills, almost as much as we love running down them. So, if distance isn’t your thing, why not try elevation instead. Or you can do both challenges and run the distance and the elevation. You can choose to run:

  • 2,500ft
  • 5.000ft
  • 10,000ft
  • 15,000ft
  • 20,000ft

For Challenges 1 and 2, you have from 1 to 31 January to complete your mileage or elevation challenge. You can start at any time during the month and all runs during January will be counted. If you find out that you are absolutely rocking the challenge you can ask to move up to the next goal!

Challenge 3

You loved running from Stroud UK to Stroud (somewhere in the States), and there was a suggestion of running to Stroud in NSW, Australia, but that’s over 10k miles, so for January, keeping it a bit easier, John O’Groats to Land’s End. As the crow flies it is 603 miles, but the signposts apparently say 874 miles. Therefore our challenge is to see how many times can we run LEJOG in January?

For all three challenges, please submit your running evidence at the end of each week. A running week is Monday to Sunday, with Sunday being the last day. You can send me pictures of your mileage / elevation from your watch, smartphone, Garmin, Strava, Fitbit and any other make or app out there. Email your evidence – Name, Challenge and total for the week – to

Each week I will compile leaderboards for the various challenges (providing we get enough entries). Please post any photos from your run on the Facebook Group we would love to see them.

January Challenge