Allrunners February Virtual Challenges

This month we have two challenges:

Challenge 1 – Run Every Day

You can choose to either run or walk at least 2 miles every day during February, and you can substitute two runs or walks per week with 30 mins of some other form of exercise eg yoga, pilates, strength training, cycling etc. Basically you exercise every day!

Challenge 2 – 5km

Can you improve your 5km time? We are giving you to the end of March to improve your 5km time. You can either use your 5km time from last year’s challenge or you can set yourself a new benchmark at the start of this challenge and see how you improve.

Please make sure that for the 5km challenge you choose a flat route – running downhill most of the way, doesn’t count! If you want to improve your 5km time, why not check out the Intervals Schedules.

If you want to take part in this month’s challenges, complete the form below. For RED please submit your evidence at the end of each week. For 5km submit your evidence as and when you’ve run an improved time. Send to