Membership Policy

This membership policy should be read in conjunction with the Cotswold Allrunners Data Protection Policy, Club Constitution and Code of Conduct, which are all available on the club website or a printed copy can be obtained upon request.

valid from 1st January 2022

All Cotswold Allrunners memberships are subject to approval by the Membership Secretary, as well as acceptance of the Club Rules and Regulations. Once an application has been submitted, the Membership Secretary will process your application and respond to the applicant within 7 business days. Once approved the applicant will become either a temporary or full member of Cotswold Allrunners for the period set out in this Policy. If not approved the applicant will be given no membership status and therefore cannot attend any club activities and any monies paid on application will be refunded in accordance with the refund policy.

(Reasons for non-approval will be given to the applicant but remain confidential to Committee Members and all data of the applicant will be erased or destroyed in accordance with club Data Protection Policy.)

Trial Membership

The Cotswold Allrunners Trial Membership allows persons aged 16 and over free participation in club activities for a period of 21 days without restrictions with full Public Liability Insurance cover.  All trial members will be required to apply for the Trial Membership, by completing the online Membership Form before attending any club training sessions.

The trial period commences on the day access to the club App is given. After 21 days, the Trial Membership will expire and access to the club App will be lost, unless payment for Full Membership has been received (see below). However, where non-attendance is due to unforeseen circumstances, then an extension of the trial period may be granted upon request.

Full Membership

Full Cotswold Allrunners Membership is available to persons aged 15 and over who have already attended at least one training session during a trial membership.

All full members receive access to the private Club Facebook group and can take advantage of all Third-Party Discounts.

Senior Membership is £20 per year, payable from 1st January each year. A reduced membership fee of £10 is available to those joining on or after 1 July each year.  You can download a membership form.


  1. England Athletics Competition Licence Fee of £19/yr (if required by applicant), will be in addition to your membership fees and is renewable annually.
  2. If you are transferring from another EA club, you’ll need to complete the EA transfer form available at

Affiliated Club Places for London Marathon

For the TCS London Marathon, the club guaranteed entries are allocated as follows (note these can be subject to change):

  •  Clubs with fewer than 10 first-claim members no longer qualify for a guaranteed entry in the TCS London Marathon
  • Clubs with between 10-39 affiliated members (currently 456 clubs) will be placed in a ballot that will allocate 228 entries, meaning that at least half the clubs will be allocated one entry each
  •  Clubs with between 40-189 members will be allocated one guaranteed entry each
  • Clubs with more than 190 members will be allocated two guaranteed entries each

If Cotswold Allrunners is successful in gaining a club guaranteed entry (clubs are usually notified towards the end of November), then that entry will be allocated by means of a draw. To be eligible for this draw (rules agreed April 2024) you need to:

1. Be England Athletics Affiliated and a first claim member with Cotswold Allrunners for at least a year on the day of the draw AND not had any repeated arrears issues with the club in the last 12 months.
2. Be unsuccessful in the public ballot for the event and produce your “sorry” email/evidence.


All payments will be made to Cotswold Allrunners. Annual subscriptions are payable in advance.  Payment should be received in the Club account within 14 days of 1 January each year until a cancellation is applied.

A reminder notice about membership fees / annual subscriptions will be sent out in December to all registered members. It is the responsibility of the member to make sure payments are made on time or to contact the Treasurer if either a payment is unlikely to be received or a payment date has changed. Any charges incurred by Cotswold Allrunners as a result of payments being returned by the members’ bank will be passed onto the member and made payable by return.


Members will only be permitted to attend training sessions provided that their membership is current and membership fees are up to date.

If a member fails to make a payment without good reason, then the membership will be suspended until the account is brought up to date. Cotswold Allrunners will give the member ample opportunity to make good the arrears and/or enter into dialogue to resolve the issue.

Hardship Fund

Cotswold Allrunners in accordance with governing body England Athletics offer both current members and new applicants access to a hardship fund to help pay membership fees. To apply, please contact the Membership Secretary in the first instance. If the application is successful, then for the agreed term, the member will have access to the club as a Member.

Note: Current members cannot apply to the hardship fund if membership fees are more than 1 month in arrears.

Cancellation of Membership

Cancellation of membership is required no later than 31 December, prior to the start of the next annual membership term, to be given by email to the Membership Secretary.

Cotswold Allrunners is under no obligation to refund any membership fee for any reason. It is the member’s responsibility to cancel their standing order with their bank. No monies shall be backdated or returned to members due to the member’s non-compliance with the terms set out above.

Refund exceptions

If an error is made either by Cotswold Allrunners or the members Bank, proof of this error must be supplied by the member and allow at least 28 days to be investigated. If it subsequently arises that Cotswold Allrunners made an error then a refund will be issued by means of a cheque/cash. The only errors where Cotswold Allrunners are likely to refund is where a duplicate payment was made by the member.

Cotswold Allrunners does not offer any refunds for annual subscriptions paid in accordance with the membership policy or cancellation procedure, including if a member does not attend a single training session after having subscribed to Cotswold Allrunners. Members will only be permitted to attend training sessions provided that their membership is current and any membership fees are not in arrears. Should a member leave Cotswold Allrunners at any point during the year, no partial refunds will be made.

Contact the Treasurer for refund enquiries.

Suspended Membership

A suspension of membership occurs when the annual payment is more than 4 weeks in arrears. The member can no longer attend training sessions, utilise any of Cotswold Allrunners services or continue to benefit from 3rd Party discounts. Only after clearing all the arrears and ensuring the annual membership has been paid in full can the suspension be lifted.

A member cannot appeal against suspended membership.

Re-Joining Cotswold Allrunners

Persons wishing to re-join Cotswold Allrunners are required to re-apply as a new applicant.


Re-joining Cotswold Allrunners is not available if previous membership was;

  • cancelled with fees outstanding
  • cancelled by a Committee decision