Membership Questions

If you have any questions regarding membership of Cotswold Allrunners, please take a look at some of the Q&As below.  If you have another question not found below, please get in touch.

Q: How do I join?

To join Cotswold Allrunners, you will need to complete the online Membership Form. If you would rather not complete the form online, please get in touch and we can email or post you a membership form.

Q: How long does my membership contract last?

Cotswold Allrunners Membership is on an annual basis, payable from 1st January.  A reduced membership fee of £10 is available to those joining on or after 1 July each year.

Q: Do I have to be a fast runner to join?

Not at all. We have a broad range of abilities at Cotswold Allrunners. The ethos of our club is centred around supporting every member, regardless of their ability. As long as you can run continuously for 30 minutes then we will have a group suitable for you. If you are not quite ready to join at that level, we do run Beginners sessions to help bring you up to that 30 minute level.

Q: Is there a student discount?


Q: I can’t afford the membership fee at the moment. 

At Cotswold Allrunners we don’t want financial hardship to stop you from running, so we have a Hardship Fund to help subsidise your membership fee. Please contact the Membership Secretary in the first instance. Your application will then be reviewed by the Club Committee in confidence and then contact you with the decision. Sometimes further information may be required to make a decision, but all information will be dealt with in confidence and in accordance with our Data Privacy Terms.

Q: Do you offer Pay As You Go membership?

Sorry, but we don’t offer PAYG membership.

Q: Can I stop paying if I can’t run but remain a member?

Unfortunately not.

Q: Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. Cancellation of membership is required no later than 31 December, prior to the start of the next annual membership term, to be given by email to the Membership Secretary.

Cotswold Allrunners is under no obligation to refund any membership fee for any reason.