Half Marathon Intervals Schedule – Fast Group

This set of intervals builds from the last 8 weeks and the aim of the sessions is to train towards a half marathon . This is because the club is going to have a virtual half marathon. All sessions should include a warm up and cool down .

Week 1:
10 x 2 min hill reps (jog down recovery)

Week 2:
12-14 x 60 second hill reps as fast as possible (jog down recovery)

Week 3:
2 miles tempo (you shouldn’t be able to have a conversation, just say a few words!) 3 minutes rest, 3 x 5 mins fast with 2 min jogging recovery, 3 min rest, 2 miles tempo.

Week 4:
1km tempo, 1km recovery but faster than a jog x 5

Week 5:
3 minutes @ 5-10k pace with 90 second recoveries in between for approximately 10km in total.

Week 6:
400m reps with diminishing recoveries!
So, 4 x 400m with 60 seconds recovery after the first rep, 45 seconds recovery after the second rep  and 30 second recovery after the third rep. 4 minutes jogging recovery and then repeat. You do this 3 times (so 12 x 400m in total).

Week 7:
16-20 x 200m ish  reps . This is the session in Stratford Court where you have a rectangle appx 100m by 50m and you start in a corner and sprint 3 sides, walk 1, jog 1 repeat. You will always start your sprint on a different corner.

Week 8:
40 minute fartlek session. This is your own choice of speed and distance but each ‘effort’ shouldn’t be longer than 400m and the warm up and cool down needs to be part of the 40 minutes.

Week 9:
(Week of  the virtual half)
30 minute very steady run with a few strides.