Claire KaneChairchair@cotswoldallrunners.clubHonarary Officer
Tom SimpsonTreasurertreasurer@cotswoldallrunners.clubHonarary Officer
Liz HalliwellSecretarysecretary@cotswoldallrunners.clubHonarary Officer
Himani GuptaMembership Secretarymembership@cotswoldallrunners.clubOrdinary Officer
Tara LuptonWelfare Officerwelfare@cotswoldallrunners.clubNon-Electable Officer
Jenny VallelySecond Welfare OfficerNon-Electable Officer
Nikki FowlesSocial Secretarysocial@cotswoldallrunners.clubOrdinary Officer
Allistair Hignell CBEPresidentcontact@cotswoldallrunners.clubPresidency

Supporting Roles to the Committee

Val KirbyCoaching
Stuart SharlandClub
Anne-Marie DelrosaCommunications

Cotswold Allrunners is managed by the Committee, elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.  The minutes of the AGMs are available upon request from the Club Secretary.

The Committee consists of:

  • Four Honorary Officers electable each year at the AGM. They are the Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Secretary.
  • Seven Ordinary Officers, these are not electable each year. They are the Welfare Officer, Coaching Co-ordinators, Club Captain, Social Secretary and Communications Officer.

Cotswold Allrunners also has an Honorary President who is Alastair Hignell.

To discuss club matters or if you have suggestions on how to improve the club, contact any member of the committee or to add something to the next agenda, get in touch with the Club Secretary.

General roles and responsibilities of the Committee

The role of the Committee is to make decisions on behalf of the members to ensure the club is run properly. The Committee is responsible for ensuring that, as a club, we adhere to our legal and official obligations. This primarily means following the rules as set out by the national and regional governing bodies which administer our sport, i.e. UK Athletics (UKA), and the general rules of running a non-profit or membership organisation, which include having our own set of club rules and byelaws.

The Committee facilitates a range of activities for club members and will be supported by additional volunteers as required.


  • Assist the Secretary in preparation of meeting agendas
  • To approve agendas and minutes of the committee meetings
  • Manage the efficient running of committee meetings, AGMs and contribute to the objective decision making by exercising sound judgement
  • Facilitate open discussion and good decision making; to have casting vote in meetings
  • To ensure the committee act in the spirit of the club, in the best interest of its members and according to the constitution
  • To represent the committee and club, acting as spokesperson as required.


  • Record all payments and receipts
  • Analyse all income and expenditure
  • Preparation of financial statements for review at each committee meeting
  • Give brief report at committee meetings
  • Produce year end accounts for the AGM
  • Manage bank account online
  • Maintain all records in order for year-end audit where appropriate
  • Managing stock control of club’s assets
  • Ensure at least one other committee member has access to the club bank account.


  • Book meeting rooms for committee meetings and AGMs
  • Draft agendas for committee meetings and AGMs
  • Take minutes at the committee meetings and AGMs (or ensure another committee member is available to cover)
  • Issue draft minutes to committee for review and comment within 48 hours
  • Issue final minutes to general membership within 1 week
  • Receive and process general club correspondence
  • Apply for club entries to the London Marathon
  • First point of contact with England Athletics and UK Athletics and facilitate payment of affiliation fees to UKA

Membership Secretary

  • Deal with new membership queries and applications
  • Liaise with group leaders to introduce new members
  • Follow up on trial applicants
  • Contact members in arrears in the first instance
  • Maintain membership spreadsheet
  • Update the committee regularly with membership numbers and members contact details.

Welfare Officer

  • Ensure that all club coaches/helpers/volunteers have completed a volunteer reference form or complied with a volunteer recruitment process and assist in this process as appropriate and to ensure that all coaches/officials/volunteers have completed DBS and relevant safeguarding checks as required and assist in this process as appropriate
  • Respond to suspected breaches of the Welfare Policies and Procedures that may be referred to them, in accordance with the Welfare Procedures and to advise and support other club officers or committee members how to respond appropriately in accordance with the Procedures
  • Be the first point of contact for any concerns about child abuse
  • Report any concerns about child abuse to local children’s social care services or police immediately
  • Have attended Safeguarding and Protecting Children Training and Time to Listen Training for Club Welfare Officers within the last 3 years.


  • Plan and organise several club socials every year
  • Represent the club when dealing with venues
  • Promote club social activities on website, social media and during training sessions.

Coaching Co-ordinator

  • Develop a Club Coaching Team, from Run leaders and fellow Coaches
  • Represent the Coaching Team at committee meetings
  • Work with the Coaching Team to build on and improve the planning and execution of progressive training schedules – carried out by Coaches, trained Run leaders and assistants that are accessible and suitable for all levels of ability and interest and to help members improve aspects of their running.
  • Be aware of health and safety issues, ensuring that coaching is within a safe and appropriate environment, as per UKA guidelines
  • Identifying/using skills and resources e.g. candidates for run leader training, members with other areas of expertise, accessing cross-training opportunities, links with other clubs/organisations
  • To maintain an up-to-date knowledge of coaching rules, regulations and requirements.
  • Oversee kit supply process

Club Captain

  • Inform members of dates & details of league events (and other events in region) and manage the team entry and communication, including Cross Country and Cotswold Way Relay.
  • Encourage members to enter and try to ensure enough entries to make up at least one team (CWR)
  • Ensure teams are as competitive as possible while still maintaining the ethos of having fun
  • Recognise particular achievements and make these known to the club
  • Generally encourage members in the club with their running and to enter races
  • Maintain a motivating presence (at training nights, events, socials etc) and via social media (Facebook, email) etc
  • Work collaboratively with the committee.

 Communications Officer

  • Raise the profile of the club with aim of increasing active participation
  • Keep the website and social media updated with relevant content
  • Keep the website updated with news stories and race reports supplied
  • Keep the app updated
  • Produce a regular email newsletter and issues any other email updates as required by the committee
  • Oversee Facebook group membership.

In addition to their specific responsibilities, all committee members are jointly responsible for:

  • Answering member questions in person and via the club email account or Facebook Group
  • Responding to questions from committee members within 7 days.