Mud, mud, mud

Lisa Christen has written a race report on Broadway Half Marathon.

When I read the forecast the day before Broadway Half, I was filled with dread.  Heavy rain and 40 mph winds.  Never mind, I would be running with friends and they could share the joy!

Helga drove and Sue navigated through beautiful Cotswold countryside.  We met up with David at Race HQ for bag check, number and buff collection, then headed to the Green to wait for the start.  Although the race was sold out, it’s quite a small entry, so it felt fun and friendly.

The race starts with the steep climb up to Broadway Tower, which tired my calves and made me wonder about my choice of how to spend a Sunday morning.

Once we got to the top we could get going and into our stride.  We got lovely encouragement from Anne-Marie and her cowbell at mile 3.

Getting into the countryside the main theme was mud. It reminded me of cross country.  We tried to be rufty tufty Allrunners, not minding, just running through the middle but there were places you could easily loose a shoe if you weren’t careful!

Checkpoints were really well stocked with Coca Cola and a variety of sweets and savoury snacks.

My aim for the day was to enjoy the view, enjoy the race and enjoy the day.  The weather wasn’t too bad in the end and the views and autumn colours were amazing.

Nice metal medal for finishing.  Soup and cake back at race HQ.  We went for Sunday lunch afterwards.

I would definitely recommend Broadway Half.  The day summed up what the Club means to me, having a great time out in the countryside exploring with friends.