Spring Larmer Tree Marathon

The Larmer Tree is the name given for a weekend of running events taking place in Dorset, on one of the largest privately-owned estates. Wow, what an amazing event and Sue Lear tells us why………

  • Enthusiastic runners, many of whom have completed many White Star Running events, simply because they are well thought out and exceptionally executed
  • Beautiful scenery all the way, with rolling hills for miles and miles
  • Circular route, in my case it was just over the official marathon distance of 26.3 miles (chip timing)
  • Easily 95% off road, mostly on good tracks and paths
  • Bling! My best-looking and possibly the heaviest medal to date. No wasted t-shirt, instead we got a muff (neck scarf)
  • Great signage – there’s no chance of getting lost! Also, there were many signs with a little humorous message – which got you looking for more
  • Regular aid stations along the course – all with a variety of treats and drinks. Where else do you find a double pink tent called the ’love-station’? Plus, who knew flat cold coke tasted so good?
  • Warm and caring volunteers along the way and at the end; they instinctively knew what you needed – when you didn’t! Including an Ambulance Crew, which sadly I needed to clean my scabby knee and elbow!
  • I didn’t know it would be good to refuel with a cold beer and a hot pie (meat or vegetarian) at the end of the race. Other food and drink options available
  • No toilet queues (that I saw) also there were separate men & lady toilets
  • Great parking on site. The Crown Inn Hotel (Blandford Forum) was reasonably priced and very dog friendly!! (20 minutes away)
  • Incredible merchandise, a wide variety of items, designs and colours, most with a touch of humour
  • Great entry prices. In my case, a big thank you to Anne-Marie for gifting me her place.
  • There is a race for everyone: 7, 10, and 20 miles, plus a 1/2 and the full marathon distance. There is also a race for our 4-legged friends; I have never seen so many happy pooches running together!!
  • Last but not least, the chance of a massage at the end (small cost)

Would I do this again – Yes! Are you interested, you should be, it was great!
Find out more from the White Star Running website: https://whitestarrunning.co.uk/wsr-events/
FYI – WSR also manage the ‘Ox series’ and many other events, such as the Cider/Piggy weekend and the Giants Head Weekend (voted Britain’s best marathon for 3 years).

Sue and Marcia with medals