May Hill Summer Solstice Run

I entered this event some time ago, so didn’t think much about the implications of this.

Seven of us were doing this – Sarah Edwards, Lucy Trowse, Tara Lupton, Jenny Vallely, Andrea Playle, Caroline Cratchley and myself . As the date grew nearer and we were organising ourselves such as how to get there, sharing lifts and what to take, etc, I was getting really excited. I didn’t think about the race, I was only thinking of the getting together! In fact I was even unsure of the distance.

We arrived in plenty of time to register, re-arrange our wardrobe, as it was windy and cool, toilet visits and taking pictures. We were girls on tour!

When Sarah registered, the lady doing the registration burst into song singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her – so lovely.

Canicross runners set off before us and five minutes later we set off. It was 2.5miles uphill, luckily the path was narrow so you couldn’t overtake and if the ones in front of you were walking, you had to as well.

We then hit small lanes so people dispersed. It was a lovely route going through the trees and eventually reaching the top of May Hill- a first for me. Of course, I had to stop and take a few photos. It started raining lightly at this point. I felt good even after the climb, so it could only get better as it was all down hill. There were a couple of ladies at the top with jelly babies, needed that for the way down.

For the longest day of the year it was very dark in the woods and you had to be careful as it was uneven underfoot. I was unsure of the way back a couple of times so waited until someone came along to point me in the right direction.

It was great to get over the finish line, with Tara there to greet me. We decided to get some warm clothes, as it was raining, a hot drink and something to eat. By the time we came back to the finish, with the sandwiches, the others had crossed the line. We all went back to the cars and set up our picnic- hot drinks, sandwiches and snacks, then cake and bubbly- can’t have a birthday without cake and bubbly. Thanks to Andrea for a lovely carrot cake.

It was so good us being together, just like old times. We were all on a high as we survived it! I must make a special mention of Sarah, as she didn’t think she would be able do this but she did! Way to go Sarah- you can do anything you put your mind to.

It was a great evening, a well organised event. I highly recommend this, whatever your ability in running.

Look forward to the next one now. Find out more about May Hill Summer Solstice

Marcia Gonsalves-Thompson

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