April 5K Challenge

Below you will find the latest league table for this months 5K challenge. Please note that the starting positions are based on best results from previous club 5k time trials. I will attempt to update the table at the end of each day, however this may not always be possible so there may be occasions where your scorching, record breaking time isn’t immediately visible, so don’t panic. I’ve tried to keep it reasonably simple by just indicating how your best posted time affects your overall position within the league, i.e. how many overall places it would move you (up or down). I will publish a revised league showing final positions at the end of the month.

Don’t worry if you are not on this list as I will slot you in as and when you post your time(s).

Please email me at comms@cotswoldallrunners.club with your latest results.

NameTime Trial PBApril BestApril PosMay BestImprovement
John Rooney18:4218:30 🏅1
18:33 18:29 18:10- 1.8%
Reg Cobb19:58
Alex Rose-19:59 2
Jamie Osborne20:01
John Batterham21:4620:263
Tom Simpson20:34
John King20:55
Nikki Fowles28:4621:194
Liz Halliwell21:0321:305
Richard Cook21:05
Darren Varley21:37
Mick Playle21:4221:406
Simon Gingell22:27
Jake Creed-22:34 🏅22:02- 2.4%
Simon Calladine22:40
Chris Walkley-22:42 🏅722:20- 1.62%
Jennie Marshall22:4822:508
Stuart Sharland-23:069
Matt Gardiner-24:0110
Jo Creed25:5824:2811
Anne-Marie Delrosa26:3225:2512
Liz Richards-25:4713
Trudy Chudleigh-25:50 🏅1424:53- 3.68%
Simon Gale23:2526:0115
Rachel Pearce-27:0416
Jane Ansell-27:06 🏅28:04+ 3.7%
Angie Ayling26:4927:1017
Sophie Berry24:23
James Butler24:24
Kate Van Den Brock24:44
Keith Waters24:48
Tara Lupton24:55
Fran Hill25:01
Sophie Ruggles25:1427:2018
Poppy Halliwell25:27
Brian Johns26:37
Lorna Adams27:02
Melanie Niven27:10
Lisa Christen-27:2719
Julia Ruggles27:3529:1020
Jackie Griffiths27:46
Becky Proudman27:48
Clare Appleyard28:21
Tina Cutler28:25
Marcia Thompson28:4230:0221
Beth Fowles28:46
David Robb29:34 🏅31:29 30:38
+ 3.6%
Heather Juniper29:5430:0322
Hephzibah Perry30:18
Andy Proudman30:19
Jenny Vallely34:1330:32 🏅2330:10- 1.21%
Sarah Edwards30:45
Mark Trowse-30:46 🏅2430:29 28:03- 8.83% 🥉
Laura Gibbons30:49
Sue Lear30:49
Linda Warner30:49 🏅31:062526:50 - 12.92% 🥇🏆
Claire Young30:59
Caroline Cratchley32:1231:5326
Val Kirby36:1532:0227
Andrea Playle32:59
Daisy Bing33:43
Jenny Gibson34:02
Lucy Trowse-34:48 🏅2832:32- 6.52%
Verity Pearce-35:3329
Nicky Clark35:08
Roger Butler35:25 🏅38:203037:49, 36:11 35:42+ 0.08%
Miranda Hearsum35:40 🏅31:05- 12.61% 🥈

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