Bourton 10K 2020

This is a fast, flat, well attended, and super organised race in a lovely location.

The race requires speed, not only on the day but when booking opens; it’s recommended that you set the alarm and book immediately because the race usually sells out within 60 minutes.  It’s cheap because you don’t get a medal or a T-shirt, but you do get a bottle of water and a gift at the finish; this year the gift was a flashlight. 

Parking is brilliant, it’s free and there are a couple of locations within close proximity of Race HQ. I guess for some the most important question is the number and quality of the toilets; thankfully there are many good ones scattered around town e.g. car parking sites and Race HQ, most importantly they are not the disgusting portable toilets!  However, you can never avoid the obligatory ladies queue! 

Allrunners Team
Sophie on the final 1K

There was a small contingent from Cotswold Allrunners, Anne-Marie, Tara, Bea, Sophie and me. It’s very reassuring to hear seasoned runners get nervous before a race starts. All levels of runners attend, it’s not just for the super speedy!  Unfortunately no one in our little team got a PB, but Sophie was first in her age category and won £25 – she also got the biggest cheer on prize giving –  a massive well done to you from all of us! 

I would like to say a big thank you to Steve, who looked after our jackets (this was a life saver at the end) and the Ruggles family for their support and jelly babies.

What more can I say, but it’s an enjoyable experience.  

Go on, give it a go next year!