Running and leading protocol

The club aims for every runner to run in a group that suits their pace, with an understanding that it is the Run Leader that sets the pace of that group. However, at times there may not be a run leader available that suits your pace. If this is the case, it is suggested that in the first instance, you put out a call on Facebook for people to run with you that week, or volunteer to lead a group on that day.

If you find that your current group does not match your pace, in the long term you may need to move to a group that does. The club is always keen to hear from people who would like to do the Run Leader training. Please contact Gavin Townsend if you are interested. We are also working as a club to create a bank of routes so in these circumstances route guidance would be there to call upon.

In order to support run leaders and to prevent groups from getting too spread out, all runners are strongly encouraged to do loop backs if they start getting too far ahead: run back to your group and past the last person for a short distance before turning round again and running to catch them up again.