Bath Two Tunnels

Each year Relish Running put on a regular series of events from a park in suburban Bath, using the old railway tracks that are now part of Sustrans Long Distance Paths.  The event that I entered was marketed as a Two Tunnels Half Marathon and took place on 14 July. It was an out and back course, repeated, which meant running 4 times through each tunnel.

The course is almost level so good for a personal best, I thought.  But I had not factored in the hot day.  Fortunately, much of the route was well shaded and of course there were those tunnels, which were blissfully cool.  On the last leg, a marshal threw jugs of water over passing runners – very welcome.  I only managed 2:19:35, which was almost certainly because of the heat.

The event was very well managed, with runners starting in waves, so that the paths were never over-crowded.  This is important as the paths are very popular with walkers and cyclists.  It’s only an hour to Bath, and I would recommend this series to any runner.

Thanks to Val Kirby for her report above.

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