Marcia Gonsalves-Thompson writes about the Trailmania series and her surprising win!

As someone who covets medals, and wanting to add more to my collection, I decided to go the whole hog and enter the Trailmania series.

It’s three 10K races taking in the vistas of the Cotswolds. The first was Nailsworth Nelly, starting from King George V playing field. On a hot sunny day in June, 50 of us set off. It was an uphill start but I can’t remember any more hills. It was a great route towards Avening, then comingĀ back via a circular route. I felt really good after that one.

So the others shouldn’t be too bad, they’re only 10Ks.

The second The Sizzler, promised to be a cool day but right off from the start the sun was out. That was a very different terrain. I should haveĀ  known as I’ve ran this area before. The HILLS were tough and there were several. Can’t say I felt good after that one.

Then the Cranham Beast, a week later, I knew would be the toughest as I had done that route and the only part of the route I could remember was coming up Coopers Hill. That race nearly finished me off. Those hills got the better of me and boy was i glad to finish!

None of my times were that brilliant but upon presentation I was 2nd lady for the series! What a shocker as I have never and, know I would never win anything for running. I am used to being towards the back, so this was a very welcome suprise. It shows anyone can win….