Cotswold Way Relay 2019 Update

Hello all please find below your unique number for the CWR, including our reserves.

You will need this number on race day in order to take part. 

1Trail Angels CWRT19Marcia383
2Trail Angels CWRT19Claire McKinley-Price382
3Trail Angels CWRT19Sophie Berry381
4Trail Angels CWRT19Heather Juniper380
5Trail Angels CWRT19Bea Brandish379
6Trail Angels CWRT19Sarah Edwards371
7Trail Angels CWRT19Nikki Fowles377
8Trail Angels CWRT19Angie Ayling376
9Trail Angels CWRT19Liz Richards375
Trail Angels CWRT19Rose Niland374
1Trail Demons CWRT18Simon Barnes366
2Trail Demons CWRT18Richard Cook365
3Trail Demons CWRT18Anne-Marie Delrosa364
4Trail Demons CWRT18Kate Perris363
5Trail Demons CWRT18Jo Creed362
6Trail Demons CWRT18Jon Batterham361
7Trail Demons CWRT18Gavin Townsend360
8Trail Demons CWRT18Keith Waters359
9Trail Demons CWRT18Mary Holba358
10Trail Demons CWRT18John Rooney357
ReserveLorna Adamson373
ReserveMike Adamson372
ReserveTom Simpson370
ReserveGay Lombard369
ReserveMick Playle368
ReserveSue Lear367

We will have these numbers at hand at the start as well.

Happy Recceing !