Tunnelling through….

Our Club Captain, Marcia, tells us about the third in her three-race Two Tunnels running challenge.

After being out of running for several months last year, and suddenly feeling better I decided to enter races. That’s what you do, isn’t it? 

With these races close to home, Bath, and not too expensive, I went the whole hog and entered three – 5k, 10k ( which I did on 3rd March, birthday present to myself) and half marathon which was on 12th May. There were two half marathons, the Return- which went out and back and The Hilly Return. You know which I chose. Can’t be that hilly I live in the Five valleys so used to this.

It promised to be a very warm day but with changeable forecast I took layers, which I didn’t need.  Marcia, no mates, set off for the Odd Down park and ride to get to the start just a couple of miles from the centre. £3 return bus fare, a packed bus set off for the start at Bricklane playing games fields.

It was a beautiful day and lots of spectators, with their picnics and even tables and chairs! 

The children’s colour run was first and then our wave want off. I knew the first 5k of the race as I did this back in March.

The race went through two disused railway tunnels, through field and woods and under the viaduct. I saw lovely Val Kirby marshalling us down a very steep hill, hoping we don’t have to come back this way (we did). 

Was going along happily and in the nice open field and…went over on my ankle. Don’t know if you ever went flying, that feeling you get knowing that you’re gonna land but your body is gonna keep moving forward. Luckily for me it was on nice lush grass which was still damp so basically slid forward on my right side including my face. A runner behind me was concerned but I quickly got up and checked my  ankle, which was okay. No bruises only winded me. Set off again but lost my stride that when we came to the hill just shortly after, it beat me.  Anyway got going again, with a few more hills,  returned to the viaduct for refreshment and then the last uphill, with the encouragement of Val, who was at the top.

The rest was along the cycle track and through the tunnels to the uphill finish. I think it’s so cruel to have an uphill finish. Looked at my watch and was very disappointed with my time, but this run was meant to be an enjoyable run as my running hasn’t been going well in the last couple  of months.

Got my refreshments and most importantly, my third medal to complete the trio. 

The next day decided to check my time, don’t know why as I already knew what my time was. I like the way they give the results, you can look at overall time or can go to male/female category  so I went straight to 50-59 Female, scrolled down and couldn’t see my name so scrolled back up and there I was second place in my age group! I have to claim this glory as it lifted my spirits and  made me feel so much better. 

After all that excitement I’m off to Sicily to recover.

I highly recommend Relish Running – look them up…