UK (England) Athletics Registration

As a member of Cotswold Allrunners, you are entitled to a small (usually £2) discount for any race fees for events where the host club allows the discount based on ‘Club Affiliation’. Some host clubs however, Stroud AC as an example, usually only provide this discount if the individual and not the club is affiliated to UK Athletics and this is achieved by the individual registering as an athlete and paying an annual £15 fee to UK (England) Athletics.

Details and benefits can be found here…/athlete-registration/

This registration runs from 1st April each year so any athletes wishing to continue their existing status (i.e. already registered) or for anybody wishing to register for the first time then can you please let me know by Friday 19th April. I will then request payment from each of you and update the UK Athletic database accordingly.

Please let me know if you require further info.