Brighton Marathon

I competed in the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 15 April. It was a great day, weather was just right. After a very long queue for the park and ride to the start, I had to queue once again for the usual pre-race bathroom visit! If like me, you’re an average runner, then prepare yourself for quite a wait in the start corrals. I wasn’t one of the last waives to go, but it still took about 20 minutes to get across the start line. Once going, there was amazing support from the crowds. There was hardly a part of the route which wasn’t lined with spectators cheering you on.

Brighton Marathon is quite flat and fast. The first 6 miles wind around the town, then you go out along the coast road towards Brighton Marina and Roedean School which is a slight uphill (mile 9). You then come back on yourself, around parts of Hove (miles 15-18), and then out towards the power station (mile 21), and then it’s back in to the Finish on the beach.

My race didn’t really go to plan, mainly because I had come down with a cold the week before, and still had one on Sunday. My first 13 miles were fine, but then I started to struggle to breathe, and seriously thought I was going to have to stop. However, I slowed down, gave myself a good talking to and was determined to finish. 4h34, respectable, but not what I was hoping for – oh well, there’s always the next one!!