Lansdown Clinic trainer myths talk

We already have at least 3 Allrunners attending this session at the Lansdown Clinic on the 14th March and there are still a few places left if anyone else is interested? Jenny.

We would like to invite your club to a talk at The Lansdown Clinic by our Biomechanical Podiatrist Victoria John.  Victoria has been working as a Biomechanical Specialist Podiatrist since 1995 and had worked within the NHS as well private practice, podiatric surgery and with the biomechanics team with the military – Navy, Army and Air force.  She has a wealth of knowledge on the biomechanics of the foot and lower limb injuries. She is particularly interested in the prevention of sports related injuries.

There has been a lot in the press over the past few months about trainers, the different types that are currently available, the logic behind the style. Ever wondered what the evidence is behind the different type of trainers?

Victoria would like to address the myths and advice you on the trainers that suit your sport and biomechanics. 

The talk will take place on Wednesday 14th March at 7pm, at The Lansdown Clinic, 1 High Street, Stroud, GL5 1AU.  Spaces are limited so booking is essential.

To book your place please email or call 01453 755799 and ask for Liz Cornish.