New Years Day 10K Race Report

New Year, new start and hopefully this will be the first of many race reports that we can publish.  This one is from me (Anne-Marie).

Having never entered a 10K race before, I thought I’d have a go as part of my marathon training schedule and this seemed like a great way to start the New Year.  However, as we were driving over to Hereford we went through some torrential rain.  I’m not a fair weather runner, but my hopes of turning in a reasonable time looked slim. When we got to Hereford Rowing Club (also the HQ of Wye Valley Runners) the conditions were dry.

There were 196 finishers (I think the entry was for 400, but some may have been put off by the weather).  It is a road race which leaves from a cycle track just a few minutes walk from the club.  It goes out and around the village of Breinton and back to Hereford. It is an undulating course, three hills (not like the hills we know) between 4km and 6km, another small hill on approach to 9km, and then a nice fast run to the finish. As you go around the final few km of the course there are lovely views towards Hereford. It was a very well organised race, thanks to Wye Valley Runners – they even organised the sun to shine at the end!

So, how did I do?  A respectable 54m 04sec – very pleased!!